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Now You can become a Certified Coach!

Chavon Anette and Powerhouse Leaders University are excited to announce the opportunity to become a certified coach. 


Now offering instruction to become a certified Fire Leadership Coach, certified Leadership and Life Coach, certified Life & Recovery Coach, certified Mental Health Specialist Coach, and certified Christian Counselor Coach. 


Leadership & Life Coach, Life & Recovery Coach, Life Coach, and Christian Counselor Coach are certified through ICF. 

Fire Leadership Coach and Mental Health Special Coach are certified under Governing Accreditation Council, LLC (GAC). 


Business Meeting

Certified Fire Leadership Coach

Specialty Coaching Certification with Chavon Anette the original Fire Leadership Coach

Speaker with a Poduim

Certified Leadership and Life Coach

The Healthy Leader with focus on Character as a Leader

Business Consultation

Certified Christian Counselor

Focus on Christian Counseling to support people through challenges, transitions, and more. 


Certified Life and Recovery Coach 

Focus on Life and Recovery after trauma and crisis


Certified Mental Health Specialist Coach

Focus on Mental Health and Coaching 

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