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 A Voice for Ministry and Marketplace Leadership-

#1 International Bestselling Author, Keynote and Global Speaker, Certified Fire Life Coach, Talk Show Host, Podcast Host, and Non-Profit Owner

First and foremost, Dr. Chavon Anette is a daughter of God! She is the CEO of Chavon Anette, LLC and non-profit Power and Grace Leaders, Inc. Her mission to empower men and women through leadership training, leadership curriculum development, and executive leadership coaching as the Fire Leadership Coach.

She is a transformational speaker and minister of the gospel who speaks with great passion in a way that empowers and challenges her listeners to rise as leaders to make impact. She has been featured as a speaker on ABC news, TCT Today, Atalnta Live, Norfolk State University, Virginia Wesleyan University, and at conferences and other events such as the globally recognized Comeback Champion Summit, Sister Leads Conference, and more.


She is currently in school working towards a Doctorate in Education in Chrisitan Leadership from Liberty University to be completed in May 2024. While on that journey, God saw fit for her to allow her the esteemed honor of receiving an honorary doctorate degree for Divinity In February 2023 for the work she already does on Earth from The School of Great Commission Bible College. Furthermore, she earned a certificate from Virginia Wesleyan University in Fundamentals of Supervision and Management.

She balances entrepreneurship, ministry, and employment as the Student Success Manager at Regent University. She enjoys creating experiences for holistic transformation, so she annually hosts events: Powerhouse Leaders Conference, Power and Grace Leaders Awards Gala, and more to come!

Dr. Chavon has published 4 books that are available on Amazon, and she has been a part of 7 anthologies. From Pain to Purpose was her first solo project that became an Amazon #1 Bestselling book. She is the visionary of volumes of My Sister Helped Me Heal Anthology and My Brother Helped Me Heal, an Amazon #1 Bestselling Anthology movement. 

Chavon Anette was the 2021 Servant Leader of the Year Award Recipient from ACHI Magazine. 

Classmates in the Library

Tynia Chattin,
Vlogger and RN

Chavon is an awesome mentor and an even better woman. She has encouraged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone so much since she has been mentoring me. Her support is unmatched. She will help you push more towards your purpose and who God had called you to be....

Image by Joel Muniz

Dr. Karen Hills Pruden,
Global Speaker and Business Owner

Her commitment to help women re-imagine how they see themselves is remarkable. She consults GOD in everything that she does. And the fruits of her labor is the incomparable respect she receives from all generations. She is a multidimensional woman who has yet to reach her full potential. I will be watching her as she ascends with GOD’s favor.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Lakia Perez,
Christian Life Radio Station

What I love about her is her passion and dedication to reach the hurt and broken and let them know that you can start over!! I’m so Blessed that God had allowed us to cross paths and be in each others lives. She is an phenomenal woman and most importantly She Is Fearless!!

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