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Women of Purpose Mentorship

Dr. Chavon Anette has answered the call of God to mentor Christian Women on a larger scale. Bringing her expertise, experience, and eager heart, Dr. Chavon Anette serves to help Christian Women maximize their potential and fulfill the purpose God has for their lives. She empowers and encourages, but also provides strategy and wisdom. With a humble posture, she serves God and the people he has entrusted her to be a Destiny Pusher. 

Christian Women

In a world filled with temptation and challenges, Christian Women are being called by God to come out of the shadows and step into the call of God to help impact the world. Christian Women are called to be world changers alongside Christian Men as there is much work to be done for the kingdom of God to expand. Look at the sacrifice of Deborah, Esther, Ruth, and so many other women of the Bible who helped change the course of history. There are women of 21st century who will do the same thing and must. 

Perfect Harmony
Taking Meeting Notes

Safe Place to Transform

Transformation does not happy haphazardly, but it happens with intention. The Women of Purpose Mentorship Program is designed to provide healthy accountability, a safe place to heal and grown, kingdom strategy, sisterhood, leadership development, and spiritual growth. 


It's a mentorship program designed to help Christian Women lead God's way in their homes, communities, work, and the world at large. 

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Best Value

Women of Purpose Mentorship Program



Every month

Purposeful Living Mentorship Program for Christian Women

Valid until canceled

Weekly Group Meetings

PDF and Templates for growth and development

Mentorship Community

Best Value

Mentorship + 1-on-1



Every month

Mentorship Program + One-on-One Appointments With Dr. Chavon Anette

Valid until canceled

1 One-One-One Session per month

Mentorship Program All inclusive

Mentorship Group

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