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Hey There!

My name is Chavon Anette, and I am a Leadership Consultant. 

What is Leadership Consulting?

Leadership consultants will work with you to define your assessment needs and goals. They will help you determine where you might need more information about individuals or teams to move forward with strategy. Chavon will work with you to define the objectives and strategies specific to you, your team, your organization, or your ministry.

What are the Benefits of Working with Chavon Anette?

Program Development

- Chavon has experience planning both virtual, in-person, or hybrid events with excellence as well as leading a team to partner with the vision. Her ability to serve and advise others in bringing their vision to life brings clarity, understanding, and ease to the process. 



- Chavon has both experience and education focusing specifically on the area of leadership development. Her innovation and excellence to uniquely bring leadership development to life is unmatched. 



- Chavon is naturally a strategic planner that is able to address, assess, and evaluate possible problems and ways to solve them as well as partner to create a plan that would work best for an organization and 

Leadership Training

- Chavon is an exceptional and engaging teacher of leadership content and language. She is able to training individuals, small groups, and large groups on the topic of leadership. She addresses individual growth, team building, organizational structure, culture, and more to cultivate a leadership team dynamic. 

What are my Options?

Chavon Anette Offers a 3 - 6 Month Leadership Consulting Program. 

For 3 -6 months you can work with Chavon to address project focus areas such as leadership development, leadership training, strategic planning, program development, anthology development, and more. 

In special cases, a 12 month program could be built out to work with a team or a program for an extended period of time. 

The consulting investment amount varies based on project focus and duration. 





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