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I don't just speak to talk;
I speak to release new life to whoever is listening. 

Chavon Anette is a transformational speaker. Through her authenticity, vulnerability, knowledge, and storytelling, she is able to move audiences of all types. As a leader in ministry and the marketplace, Chavon is able to speak to a variety of audiences to empower and enrich the lives of the individuals listening. She went through a 4-week intensive called Sis, Speak Up with Destiny Inspire to sharpen her gift. She is also a member of Leader School created by Apostle Stevenson. 

She has been able to speak to people at conferences, events, on the news, at her undergraduate alma mater, and more. Her passion is electrifying and causes people to be on the edge of their seats as she delivers a message that is truly life-changing. 

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Upcoming Events

  • October P.U.S.H Challenge
    Fri, Oct 01
    Online Challenge
    Ladies, let's start the Final Quarter of the Year with the October P.U.S.H. Challenge.
  • 2021 Powerhouse Leaders Conference
    Fri, Dec 03
    Virginia, USA
    Last Year this Conference was Epic, and we can expect the same thing this year. It was also virtual last year, and we are taking it up another notch- it will be virtual and in person. ALSO, the Men will also be in the building Special Guest Speakers will be announced at the time progresses.

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