Happy New Year

There are so many exciting things happening. I cannot believe I have not been able to write a new blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

First, I have started a curriculum called Overcoming in 2020!

🚨Exciting News for Women in Leadership!!

🚨God has helped me develop a great program for the beginning of the year for Women in Leadership!! I am a certified Life and Leadership Coach!

This is a program that you NEED!! I believe your heart is to lead well as a woman! You desire for God to help you maximize what is on the inside of you!

You are being intentional about ending the year strong!! You are ready to move in excellence in this new season of your life. You are ready to write and release your book, expand or start your business, excel at work and/or school, and more!

However, the truth is you need accountability, skills to be better in the area of leadership, and empowerment to keep pressing forward, and I know THIS program will help!

Now is your opportunity to ensure that the momentum at the end of the quarter extends into 2020!! Everything that ever held you back has to come to an end!!!

🔥You are Overcoming in 2020!!

Let's do this together!!

Also, I am hosting a conference in April.


I am hosting a Women's Leadership Conference!!

The Conference is called Powerhouses in the Earth!

This conference is designed to EMPOWER, EDUCATE, & ENCOURAGE women in the area of Leadership.

Women often find themselves in leadership positions for various reasons: influence, business owner, career woman, educator, and more. However, what I have found is that women have often felt alone, pressured, unprepared, and an assortment of other emotions when they venture out without real support, training, and guidance from others.

Nevertheless, there is a pull for them to keep pursing and to see the manifestation of the vision/dream.

Women you were created to RULE & DOMINATE IN THE EARTH!

This conference is designed to provide you with both PRACTICAL & SPIRITUAL necessities for you to THRIVE in 2020!!

The conference is packed with 4 amazing headlining speakers & 6 amazing breakout session speakers!!! There will be opportunities to network, ask questions, meet vendors, and enjoy a time with amazing women who are also POWERHOUSES in the EARTH!

Time is up for feelings of inadequacy, fear, loneliness, lack of direction, and anything else that might stop you from believing you have the power to be a WORLD CHANGER & HISTORY MAKER!


2020 Powerhouses in the Earth!! Women's Leadership Conference


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