No More!

No More! Yes, No More!

What do you need to say "No More!" to today? The enemy has used so many tactics against women to stop us from living the life that God has ordained for us to live! This month's focus is Women Daring to Dream in December! Are you daring to dream? I mean are you believing beyond what's comfortable for you? Are you making a choice to override fear to live the life that God has created for you?

Fear has held us back as women in leadership for too long. Fear is the thing that the enemy will use to make us stay in one place where it is comfortable instead of reaching for more. I am on a mission to defeat FEAR every day I wake up in the morning. Women in order for us to Rule and Dominate in the Earth, it is going to take pressing forward despite the fear the tries to tell you to stay still.

In the last few months, God has broken off shame, fear, rejection, guilt, and pain off my heart and mind. I wondered why 2019 was set up the way it was, but I know now that it was because of how God is getting ready to propel me, US, into 2020! There is a freedom and a breakthrough that is in the belly of those who had to endure and overcome in 2020! I feel in the spirit that there is a launching taking place. There is a shift that is happening in the lives of both women and men in the body of Christ. As women, we have to be ready to move with what God is doing in this season. The things that once held you back: the insecurities, the doubt, the fear, and the timidity has to go!

If you are like me, it's almost like, I have been waiting for this! However, it is really God who has been waiting for us! Waiting for us to take our place. Waiting for us to really believe what he says about us. Waiting for us to say YES to all that he has for our lives!

LADIES!!! WHO HAS A YES that's burning on the inside? God is calling us to a great sacrifice, so we can see him and work to develop what he wants to do in our lives!

MAN!!! You in 2020!!! I can't wait to see it!!! Don't be what people expect you to be!! Be what God created you to be!!



Lord, I pray for the women who are reading this post. God I pray that they would desire you over everything else. God I pray that they would say YES to your plan for their lives over fear, shame, insecurities, and whatever else the enemy tries to use against them. God I pray that there would be a peace and a confidence as they enter into the new year. God I pray that the mouth of the enemy is closed, so they can hear you clearly to move where you have called them to move. God no weapon formed against any of these women will prosper. In Jesus name, Amen.

I do invite you to sign up for a program that I have developed for the NEW YEAR!! IF you really want to see change, you have to position yourself for change!!!

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