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Hello Amazing WOMAN!

I want to start this blog by just mentioning the wonderful Women's College Thanksgiving dinner this past Monday. I hosted an intimate gathering to empower and feed students in college. There were three amazing speakers. They spoke on fashion and value, education and value, and mentorship and value. The final speaker did an activity that was so powerful where she gave everyone a mirror and markers. Everyone passed their mirror around and people wrote positive things about whoever the mirror belonged to. This was such a beautiful moment. It was a takeaway that will never be forgotten. It revealed the power of community to pour into one another.

In leadership, community is so important. It is important to have people that can keep you accountable and people who empower you when you are having a more challenging day. This is what we think of when we first here community. How do we really maximize all that community truly brings?

Proverbs 27:17 stated, "Iron sharpens Iron" What community really brings is the opportunity for you to get better and to help others get better also!

You need a Community with: honest accountability, strong support, and godly desires (Foundation of Spiritual Formation by Paul Pettit).

Power & Grace Community is a community for Women in Leadership! You are welcome to connect with me and another amazing Women!!

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