Silence the Noise

Hello ladies,

You know the hardest thing to do sometimes is to silence the noise! It is difficult to silence the noise when the world around you is full of distractions that keep you out of his presence, keep you from peace, and keep you from looking forward. It is not even just about looking forward, it is sometimes hard to enjoy the day. The challenges can be overwhelming. Even when your desire is to remain encouraged, the enemy is constantly working to put you in a place of discouragement, depression, anxiety, and more. When all of this is going on, how do you silence the noise?

You must to have a plan because the enemy is working hard to cause you to magnify on the anger, the rejection, the fear, the worry, the hurt, and the other things that you find yourself thinking constantly about. What has been your plan? Have you tried to come out of the dark place or have you become comfortable there? Have you justified the reasons you are there? I have plenty of times!

I ask you these questions because they are questions that I have to ask myself when I am faced with tough challenges. Chavon, are you going to focus on the negatives, or are you going to focus on what God wants to do in you? Real Talk Kim stated that we are the CEO's of our lives! When I heard that it caught my attention.

Are we as women allowing society to dictate our lives or even our experiences? The things that we encounter as women are many, but they cannot compete with the power of God.

So, whats the plan?! GROW!! Yes, Grow!! The situations we face and how we respond to them will cause us to grow or fold! Choose to grow!! Real Talk Kim said that when you go through HELL, come out on FIRE! To me, this means don't let the fire consume you! Take what you have learned and GROW, let the fire work for your advantage. The devil meant to cause your circumstances to make you give up and turn away from God, but he does not know that we are women who will choose GROWTH over defeat EVERY-TIME!

Psalms 1- It talks about the tree planted by the water with its roots deep in the ground. Despite the storms, it remains planted. Do you realize that trees are the source of life for some many insects, animals, and vegetation, and it is a home for many animals? The tree will continue to grow as long as the roots remain and are connected to the water source. You can cut the branches away, but they will grow again. You can take fruit from it's branches, but the tree will produce fruit again. As long as it remains connected to that stream of water, it's needs are supplied. It's not that the tree can maintain on its own, but the abundant source that it lives with, keeps it growing. God is that water source for you and I. It does not matter what you have experienced, God is enough of a source for you to continue to Grow!

Ladies, what is in you is a source of life! You will have storms that hit you, but you have to see yourself as that tree that can never be uprooted or destroyed! We are warriors! We are strong! We are powerful! GROW!

My three greatest ways to silence the noise!

1. Prayer

2. Worship

3. Community

These three things have allowed me to keep my sanity in the hardest of moments of my life.

1. Prayer is our opportunity to give our heart to God. There have been times in my life where I had to ask myself if I had truly given my heart to God or was I trying to hold on to certain things. It is important that our pain and fears don't become out new identity. Prayer also allows me to hear God speak to me. You must hear his voice when life seems to beating on you. My prayer times in this season have been allowing God to build my confidence and courage to be who he has designed me to be. Therefore, he has also begun to show me who I am as a woman of God. This has changed my life, but it all came through the fire!! The enemy does not want you to hear from God about who you truly are. He is afraid of a woman who knows their purpose and walks in calling. Silence the noise through Prayer! Put your focus on God.

2. Worship has been another source of help for me. In worship, I can silence the noise when I focus on the greatness of God. There are times when I have words to say, and then there are times where I just listen for him. I am not sure how chaotic life has been for you, but when you sit in a room and allow the worship music to play and just focus your mind on God, a great peace and love will surround you. The presence of God will be with you, and you just trust God to be God! Silence the noise in Worship!

3. Finally, community has been so important for me in this season. My sisters in Christ have helped me through challenging moments! Motivational videos and teachings by women I admire in the kingdom have charged me up. I joined the Inner Circle group with Real Talk Kim last week, and I have been so encouraged. The challenges are still there, but I know where I can go for a push. Sometimes you just need a sock back into reality! Silence the noise and lies by connecting with a community of believers!

These three things can help you grow!

Choose to Grow!!

Renounce the negative thoughts, the negative emotions, the negative feels, the negative mindset today! The more you do something, the easier it becomes. Therefore, the more we choose to take every step to walk in confidence, peace, and faith, the easier it will become. Can you start today?

Take it from me, everyday will not be easy! However, as long as you have a mindset to hold onto God, circumstances will not be able to uproot and destroy you. Remember you are loved by God. Remember God has great plans for your life. Remember God's heart for you is that you prosper! Remember God's heart for you is that you WIN!

Silence the Noise! Hear God's heart today!

Come out on FIRE!!! Then, you can help other ladies do the same!

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