Bounce Back

Hello Amazing Women!!

I pray that you are doing well. I was praying today, and God told me you have to bounce back!

We sometimes face challenging moments in our lives or moments where we are looking for something new and cant figure out how to launch forward. I want to encourage you that God is saying it's time that you bounce back. It's time to come out of that place of bondage. It's time to come out of that place of stuck. It's time to come out of that place of lack. It's time to come out of that place of fear.

The enemy will throw some hard punches, but you are not knocked-out. God has made us warriors as women! We have to RISE!!! Rise from the ashes. I am not sure where your ashes have originated from, but God is saying for us to RISE!! Get back to the place where time with him is the most valued part of your day. Get back to the place where his word is what you long to read.

Matthew 11:28, "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest"

I am so honored that God lets us know that we can come to him. We can find ourselves carrying things that God did not intend for us to carry. If you are looking for rest, you find it in his presence, which is available in your time with him. I know life can be busy, but moment with God is an opportunity to experience a joy, a peace, and a hope that is beyond comprehension. What I love about God is that we don't have to come with everything figured out. He just wants us to come. Have you been in a season of God pulling on your heart to come sit with him and learn of him? Have you heeded his call or said next time? Don't be discourage, start right now.

Psalms 147:3, "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds"

I am so glad that God heals the broken and fixes the wounds!!! Do you need God to deal with the heart matters? As we learn in grow, we should all find ourselves willing to empty ourselves of the things that have hurt and disappointed us as women. In order to walk in the fullness and truly be healed and free, it takes a heart poured out to God. This is how you bounce back. We have to deal with the secret things. We have to deal with the unspoken things. We have to deal with the things that are beyond our control that caused discomfort, and we have to give those things to God. Healing is possible when the wounds are addressed!! Let God tend to every wound. Let God tend to every question. Let God tend to every doubt.

We are better with him as our lead and guide. We are better when we rely on his grace and mercy. We are better when we yield over to him.

I know what it is like to be in a season or place of challenge. Don't rush it. Instead, rush into his presence. Don't run from the battle. Bounce Back & Keep Going!!

When the enemy hits you, he expects you not to bounce back. He expects you to walk away, give up, and be stuck in the placed that caused you pain. Prove him wrong. You are much stronger than he could possibly understand because God is with you!! Never let the attacks outweigh the power that lies inside of you!!

God reminds, Bounce Back!!

It meant to make you fall and not get back up, but bounce back! It meant to make you walk away from purpose, but bounce back! It meant to make you rethink what God has told you, but bounce back! It meant to make you question your identity in him, but bounce back! It meant to send you in a place of isolation and bitterness, but bounce back!

Ladies the ref is counting, and the devil just knows you are through....5...6...7...8....9..... BUT YOU BOUNCE BACK!!! Let's GO!!!


Chavon Thomas

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