I pray everyone is doing well. I have been on a break from Monday Motivation and Blogging just to take time and get refreshed and strengthened. Monday Motivation will begin again in September, but I am going to start my blog writing again this week!! In 2016, God birthed New Beginnings. It began as a blog and it has grown since then. Blogging is something that I will continue to do as a source of encouragement to women!

Today, I just want to talk about Faith. Let me tell you, Faith is something that we need, but it is not always easy to apply or maintain in times of difficulty and challenge. I have always been a person of strong faith, but I understand and have been faced with times where that faith is tested. My pastor said that you dont know if you really have faith until it is tested, and I believe that 100%. When things are hard, you have to ask yourself a question: "Am I going to trust God in this hard place or am I going to give up?"My prayer is that you choose faith.

I was in worship this morning, and I was reminded of Psalms 34:3, and my Pastor ended up quoting it. "O magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together." This is my request for you today. I know you may be faced with some challenges, but God is real and he loves each of us! So, I challenge you to magnify the Lord with me. What does that mean? How does that look? It means to make a choice to think one the greatness of who God is. Recall all the wonderful things he has done for you in the past and thank him for what he is doing right now. Today, my pastor asked us to put our hands in front of our face and blow. Then he said, if you are breathing, you can still praise the Lord! Keep running the race set before you!

No matter how difficult things can become in this life, you must remember that God is still there. You are not alone in your challenges. You are not alone in your difficulties. I believe it is just a matter of time before you realize that he was there all along. We will be women of FAITH!

Did you know that the Devil wants to steal our faith? Why? He knows that his power is limited against us when our Faith and relationship with the Father is strong. He knows how dangerous a woman who is filled with the Holy Spirit and Power truly is! When we walk in Faith, we walk in an authority that gives us the power to change our lives and help others do the same!

Times have been challenging, but I have not given up. I have clung to God even when I had questions and did not understand. It can be hard to change things and even harder to let things go, but we all have to be willing to move forward knowing that God has us! He will heal the pain and strengthen the heart! It is with a yielded and humbled heart that God can move and give us the faith that we need to withstand the test!

My first blog back is just for you to be encouraged just as I am. God is still at work in your life, and he has a plan to bring you out. The process we have to go through to see our prayers become a reality can be uncomfortable, but we must trust that God is going to do just what he said that he would.

"A Transparent Gem hoping to help other Gems shine!"


Chavon Thomas

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