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The Well of Prayer

July 10, 2019


Hello ladies, 


I pray that you're day is going well. Have you accessed your well of prayer lately?


Prayer is vital to the growth, sanity, and the strength of our very being as women. Prayer brings revelation, healing, peace, and so much more. Prayer acts as a tool in the life of the believer to fight against the enemy and press into a greater relationship with the creator of this world, God. 


Prayer is sacrificing time to talk to the Father. Our lives can be so busy, but the fact that we are still alive means that God still has a plan for us. In order to receive what God has planned for our lives, it is important that prayer be one of our earnest desires. In prayer, God reveals himself to us and reveals who we are to us also. Sometimes we question purpose and our future, but in prayer, God assures purpose and future. Then, I know life can have it's challenges where giving-up seems like the better choice, but in time of prayer we are strengthened and encouraged that the obstacles before us are not greater than the God we serve. 



Wells are places in the ground where a hole has been drilled or dug. At the bottom of the well is a water source. This water is clean and pure. Wells are deep in the ground. The deepest one I have heard of was over 750 feet deep. You can access the supply of water from a pump or container. Of course for the deeper wells, a pump seems the most plausible. How does this notion point to a Well of Prayer?


A well of prayer is your ability to go deep in your time of prayer with God. How deep is your well? There are certain things that you will reach as you press in and cry out to God. If you are only praying basic prayers, I invite you to dig deeper. If you are looking for God to move, I invite you to dig deeper. God revealed to me that there are some request that I have not made, and he desires for me to ask bigger questions and make greater requests. 


The things that we desire from God sometimes require more time. Benny Hinn said that in prayer we have to get to a place where God is bigger than every challenge and every problem that we initially brought to him in prayer. I love that he