The Recovery Room

Hello Ladies,

There are times where all of us have experienced hurt and pain at one point or another. At times it is difficult to move forward because the pain you experienced was unexpected and sometimes from unexpected sources. However, I want to encourage you that in spite of the pain you experienced, God loves you and wants to bring you to a place of healing. John 10:10 (ASV), "The thief cometh not, but that he may steal, and kill, and destroy: I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly." He loves you so much. You are not alone in your hurt. God desires for you to experience the fullness of life again. Don't allow pain to be your life. Instead allow victory and healing to be your reward from the pain you endured. Sometimes we question why we had to experience some things. Nevertheless, if you can begin to focus on God instead of the circumstances that caused you discomfort, God will reveal something vital that you can have the rest of your life.

Resentment, Unforgiveness, Depression, and other negative symptoms of your pain hurts you more than anyone else. When was the last time you smile genuinely? When was the last time you laughed genuinely? Let your mask down. You are in a better condition than you think you are, but it takes a change in perspective. You are stronger than you think you are, but it takes a move in the right direction.

It is time to go to the recovery room. At the hospital there are certain rooms reserved for certain level patients. People move out of ICU into a standard room before their release. Many of you want to remain in the ICU room, when God is telling calling your name to move from that floor to the floor with standard rooms. When you experience something painful, you feel like you need that extra attention and care, but God is saying grow from it. Let's move to the recovery room. You are well enough to advance. You are well enough to move forward. You are well enough to continue your healing process not as the fragile or broken but as the mended. The surgery is complete. The wounds are sealed. The damage has been repaired. Move to the Recovery room!

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