God Does It

Hello Ladies,

I pray that you are doing well. We are beginning a new series on "Love Yourself" for the month of February. With a focus on "Healing." It is very important that we are women who know to Love Ourselves. In 2019, as we walk in purpose and look for God to do the amazing, it is important to ensure that we are walking in healing. We should not move out of a broken place, especially when there is a God who can and will bring you to a place of Healing.

Healing does not always mean physical, but many woman need healing from emotional and psychological strain. Pressure that has evolved from betrayal, rejection, unexpected difficulties, loss from death, relationship tension, and more. In those times, we question ourselves and sometimes even our God. In these times of difficulty we try to make sense of things. People often say that this difficulty is making me. However, difficulty does not produce good because the initial reaction to any of the things mentioned before would be: unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, insecurity, fear, doubt, revenge, depression, and more.

Instead, what produces good out of the bad is God himself. When you rely on God in the midst of your difficulty, God will alter your perspective, your character, and more. As you pray and call out to God when things are hard, peace comes, joy comes, strength comes, forgiveness comes, courage comes, confidence comes, and HEALING COMES. All these things arise as you seek God in dark places in your life.

Therefore, I want to encourage you all today to Seek God during the places in your life that look bleak, confusing, and scary. He is going to teach you new things about him and yourself. He will remind you that you are worthy of love, respect, and honor. He will remind you that you are his child full of purpose, and he knows how to take care of his children!

Ladies, my prayer is that you would experience transformation from a place of hurt and pain to a place of healing. This takes place in prayer and relying on God to steer you through the most challenging paths you journey on in your life. It is not impossible for you to be healed, to forgive, to have joy, or to gain strength. However, the key is that only happens in Him!

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