Are you Hungry?

Hello Ladies! I pray that you are doing well. It is Christmas break for most students and teachers at this point. I pray that you all have been encouraged and remain that way. Remember that Christmas is not about the gifts. It is about the love that was first shown by Christ and now we can share with others.

I hope you were able to take a look at the video from this past Monday. In the new series detox, the video was titled, "Freedom from Unforgiveness" People have endured and experienced various situations. However, in order to walk in freedom, you have to allow forgiveness to override the unforgiveness in your heart. It is not easy, but it is possible with the help of God. Unforgiveness is toxic. Do not keep that toxicity in your life. Walk in freedom because you are not what happened to you, you are better than what they did to you, and you are stronger than the disappointment and pain to move forward into destiny.

Today, I want to talk with you concerning the topic of "Are you Hungry?"

Are you hungry for more? Are you hungry for change? Are you hungry for freedom? Are you hungry for peace? Are you hungry for destiny?

There is a song that has been ministering to me in a special way ever since I heard it. I invite you to go listen to this song and let it minister to you.

Going into 2019, we have to have a heart that is hungry for God. A Spiritual Detox takes places when there is one who is willing to go search after God with a great hunger and desperation. God is our consuming fire. In his presence, he reveals himself and begins to expose the areas where change is needed.

It was so powerful to hear my Pastor preach to day on the need for there to be a hunger for God! It was such a confirmation on what God is requiring in this new season. If we want to see the hand of God move in our lives and through our lives, then it takes a posture of prayer, worship, and study of his word. Why not work to get to know the God who created the heavens and the Earth? Why not work to discover purpose?

Are you hungry? More specifically, are you hungry for God? Your Father desires more intimate fellowship and relationship with you. Will you pursue him as he is calling you and pursuing you?

Let 2019 be a year of consistency in your time of prayer, worship, and study.

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