I Will Not Be Bound

Hello ladies!! I pray you are having a great week. I hope you have been able to look at the new video series titled "Spiritual Detox"!! Monday Motivation at 7pm!!!

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There are so many things in this life that will try to hold you bound and captive: past experiences, past relationships, past mistakes, grief, worry, and more. However, I want to encourage you to choose to be free today. Make up in your mind that you will not be Bound in this season! This is the Spiritual Detox that needs to take place with God before you enter into your new season!

I believe this is the season for your freedom and deliverance. I want you to be so confident in the power of God that you completely reject all thoughts, words, or actions that are against where you are going in your future.

I know the pain is real. I know the impact of the loss is hard. I know the memories are hard to move beyond. However, God's love for you and his power to heal is so much greater than anything you can ever experience. If you can learn to trust and rest in him, You can receive the peace that you need to move beyond the pain of today. My Pastor said, "Be Tougher than the times!" This was so profound to me because everyone has experienced some tough times. However, with the strength of God, we have the power to overcome rather than be overtaken!!!

DIVE INTO GOD! DIVE INTO HIS PRESENCE! DIVE INTO WORSHIP! When you are submerged in His Presence, your perspective becomes different! God is calling us into the Deep Ladies! Be free from the things that God has all ready ordained you out of!

Final Thought:

Check out this book that I have written that is sure to encourage you to walk out of bondage and into destiny. It is a 30 Day devotional!


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