Spiritual Detox

Hello Ladies,

It is time to walk in the new year with fresh perspectives, hope, faith, and expectation of the new year. However, before we enter into the new year with new goals, let's make changes today! Let December be the 4th quarter that propels you into your new year! This month the series is called "Spiritual Detox!"

We live in a country where the importance of health and being health conscious is growing more and more with each day. Through social media and entertainment we are informed of making changes to be a healthier version of you. I can honestly say that is one of my goals as well. I will share that by age 31 my desire is to be in the best shape of my life. However, I came to the realization that it cannot only be about my physical nature, but I want to be strong spiritually as well. I want to be spiritually healthy.

One strategy for making a change for you health is through a detox. In 2018, I did two detoxes by doing a plant base diet, so now, for the month of December, I want to encourage all of us to reflect and be intentional about going through a spiritual detox. There are some things that we must let go of as we go into our new season (next phase of life).

If we can reflect back over 2018, there have been many blessings, but there have also been many challenges. A Spiritual Detox says okay life has thrown some curve balls, but I want to make sure my heart is pure, my mind is pure, and I am still in position to be transformed into the image of Christ.

When we are healthy everyone is affected. Our family life will be stronger, the way we interact with our peers will be better, and our outlook on life will be hopeful.

You have to get to a place where you say God I want you. God I want to experience your love, peace, and abundance without the things that pull me away from you interfering.

So Ladies, Let's Do It! Let's go through a Spiritual detox. I invite you to watch the first video from Monday!

Freedom From Pride!!


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