Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!!!

I pray that you are about to start a wonderful day of celebration of another Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends.

Thanksgiving is directly connected to our Worship Series. When we worship God, we enter into a place of thanks for who he is and what he has done. God is so faithful! If you look over the course of this year, I know there have been hard days. You may have experience some loss, some disappointment, and some relationships may have ended, but God has blessed this year, God has opened some doors this year, and God has created new relationships this year! I hope this would be a day that reminds you to never give up despite every challenge you have faced!!!

Your continued entrance into Worship will always put you in position to win! Worship allows you to win emotionally, win spiritually, and win building relationships. Worship is your superpower. Let's make time to get into God's presence today and thank him for being a keeping God, a faithful God, a compassionate God, and so much more.



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