The Birth of New Beginnings

Hello ladies!! Be sure to tune in at 7pm tomorrow on Facebook for the new Monday Motivation Video!!! We are continuing with the new series: Worship is my Superpower!!!

Today, I am Thankful for New Beginnings, so I wanted to share the story of how it all began!!

How did New Beginnings Start?

In 2016, I was facing one of the hardest battles of my life. I thought about giving up. I questioned my identity, my purpose, and many other things. However, instead of turning my back on God, I did what Job did in the Bible, and I worshiped God.

During a Time when I should have given up and let depression and defeat remain as new boarders in my life. I decided to EVICT them, and I pressed into God. At the second time I heard God tell me to start a blog, I was in a place to be obedient. I was determined to no longer allow the enemy to cause fear of people's opinions to stop me from doing what God shared with me to do.

It was to be called New Beginnings With Me!

Together God and I would start New, and I would help others start New also!

Today, I believe each day there can be A BETTER TODAY FOR A DYNAMIC TOMORROW!!

How I choose to move forward, Impacted my tomorrow. From New Beginnings, I gained the courage to write four books!!! You can find them on Amazon!!

LADIES, WALK IN YOUR NEW EVERYDAY!!! Thank you for your support!!

My prayer is that New Beginnings Would be a resource for Encouragement, Hope, Revival, and Motivation for your Faith, Identity, and Purpose!!


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