Don't Give Up


I pray that you are having an amazing day, and if today has been challenging, I can only hope that this final blog for the month of October will be a source of encouragement for you.

The series for the month of October is "Moving Beyond the Limits." I can only hope that this has been a month where you have challenged yourself to believe, move into uncomfortable places with faith, and trust God to be your ultimate source of direction through prayer and His Word.

Society can place limits on you, you can place limits on you, your past can place limits on you, and people can place limits on you. However, you have to choose to move beyond the limits, which takes an intentional decision to recognize fear, pain, worry, doubt, and all the other creepy crawlers that encourage women to remain in their shells instead of moving into the place God has called them.

Moving beyond the limits with God does not mean that everything will be easy. It does not mean that everything will align with the plans you have to reach your goals. It does not mean that life will not have challenges along the way. Nevertheless, you have to maintain your focus and your peace as you continue to move towards the goals you aspire to attain. You can't give up!

When I think about purpose, I think about the fact that it is always more immense than you really know or stop to realize. Purpose will have an impact on people around you. Purpose will reach people that you never thought to reach. It may be overwhelming at times to pursue purpose and walk in purpose when things become difficult, but it is imperative that you stay the course.

It is tempting to give up because things are hard, things are not moving fast enough, things are going from bad to worse, people are talking about you, people don't like you, people don't support you. However, you should focus on what has been placed in your heart to do. God must become your release and refuge. God must be your hope. God must be the number 1 supporter that motivates you to keep going. Don't give up. Their are lives around you that need YOU!

Noah of the Bible was chosen to save humankind. When there was must wickedness in the land, God decided that he would destroy man. However, Noah found Favor, Grace, and Mercy in the eyes of God. God told him to build a boat for when the floods came. For years Noah built this boat under the instruction of God. He was mocked, but Noah knew he had a word from God. He and his family were saved, and he also was an agent of salvation for humankind. How many people will live because you remained true to what God has placed in you? How many generations will be impacted by your continued willingness to not give up? How many families and homes will be impact by what you do? How many people will choose to live because of what God has invested in you? Don't give up!

Be Bold! Be Brave! Be Courageous! Be You!


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