Moving Beyond the Limits

Hello Ladies,

I pray that your week has gone well. Even if you have faced some challenging days, I hope that you were able to lean on God to find the peace and strength that you need. He is your Father, and he cares.

We have begun a new series called Moving Beyond the Limits! The first video is on Youtube for you to view, which was titled: "Diving Deeper In God."

Ladies, I am very passionate about this series. It is time to break down walls and pushed beyond ceilings to reach purpose. The walls represent the things that hinder you from moving forward, but the ceilings represent the enemy's attempt to discourage you from going to your next level. I posted a status on Facebook: "You must believe God in the hard times! He's positioning you for your next level."

You must understand that just because things are hard does not mean you are allowed to give up. The hard places reveal to you things in you, things that affect you, and things that will hinder you. It is in the hard times that you have a choice to press into God or not. The enemy will tempt you to give up, but God allows things to happen for you to Grow Up. Not in a negative sense, but grow up in your prayer life, your fasting life, your faith in God, your trust in God, and more. Move Beyond the Limits! It takes effort and being intentional.

The Bible says the Righteous are as Bold as a lion! Where is your confidence? The Bible says that we are more than Conquerors! Where is your Victorious Mentality? The Bible says you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you! Where is your hope? The Bible says He is able to do exceeding and abundantly above all that you can ask or think according to the power that works in US! Where is your faith?

It is time to Move Beyond the Limits! Pain limits you, so get your healing. Bitterness limits you, so forgive. Doubt limits you, so have faith. Stress limits you, so trust and lean on God. Victimization limits you, so walk in your victory. Low-Self Esteem limits you, so find your new identity in Christ. YOU ARE NEW!!

I do not doubt how hard challenges are. I know because I am a woman, and I face challenges. However, I have a determination that I hope to encourage you to have in relation to my Faith in God. God has something great for you! Don't sit on your purpose. Don't sit on your dream. Go! Be who God has ordained you to be!

How do you start or continue?

1. Prayer

2. Have someone to confide in who will pray with you

3. Make plans

4. Get to Work

5. Believe God

Everything must start & end with God! MOVE BEYOND THE LIMITS!

Let me take a Picture of You! Show me your I won't stop face!

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