Where Your Treasure Is

Hello Ladies!!

Summer Break is Over, and I am back working as a teacher. I have not been able to blog as frequent. I hope to be able to get back to two blogs a week again. I pray that your week has been filled with blessings and favor.

Today, we finish the new series "Stand Tall." I pray you all have been blessed by the short videos that are sure to encourage you. There is one highlighted each week on the home page that accompany the blog series. It connects you with the Youtube page for more videos in the series.

Nevertheless, I wanted to leave you with one final thought for the September series, "Stand Tall." Where is your treasure?

In order for us to truly Stand Tall in our faith, we have to make sure that our treasure is found in God; His Word, His presence, His Love.

Life can take you by surprise. You can find yourself discouraged, broken, and confused. However, you must know that if your heart is fixed on God, He will stir you in the right direction. Sometimes we don't realize when we have turned to other things and made them more important in our minds- relationships, wealth, goals, plans, or ourselves. All of those things have their place and are absolutely okay to have, but there must be balance to make sure that God remains the greatest and most important treasure. This will ensure that He is your guide.

Matthew 6:21, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Standing Tall means making sure your heart is in the right place, making sure your motives are pure, and making sure you are honest with yourself.

We cannot be consumed with social media because it does not dictate the call, the purpose, or God's plan for your life.

A treasure is something extremely valuable. If you lose it, you will do whatever it takes to get it back. If it is broken, you pay whatever it cost to get it restored. If it is stolen, you will do whatever it takes to report it with hopes of its return. What do you do when you have lost your hunger for God? What do you do when you have lost your desire to be a part of a ministry? What do you do when you have lost your desire to pray?

First, recognize that you have lost your greatest treasure, God! He is your Father who is so faithful and loving that he awaits restored fellowship with you. Second, Pray for God to purify your heart and heal any broken areas in your life. Third, seek him everyday for direction, so you can get the next steps to regain the greatest Treasure known and sometimes unknown to man. Fourth, connect with like-minded believers who will continue to lift you up in prayer as your journey back to a loving fellowship with God.

Ladies in order for you to truly walk in purpose and receive the fulfilling life on this Earth, we must have our Treasure must be Him.

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