Stand Tall in Dark Places

Hello lovely ladies, I pray that you all are doing well. I hope you have been able to watch the new HD Video with an encouraging word on the new Series, "Stand Tall."

There are times in our lives where it seems that things are just dark. It seems like we are trying to keep functioning in a place we are very uncomfortable. We wonder why God has us here or what you are supposed to be learn from this situation. Well, I want to encourage you today to remain calm in these dark situations and Stand Tall. God will be your light in the dark places. God will never leave you helpless. He knows your situation and His love causes Him to act. Trust him to be mighty in you life, and you fill find your way out of the dark with Him as your guide.

Deception from the devil in your dark place:

The devil desires to cause you to panic or give up in the midst of some of the darkest and most uncomfortable moments in your life. He wants you to focus on the hurdle in front of you. He wants you to see it as bigger than it really is or tell you that you don't have the ability to jump above it and move forward.

Habb. 3:19 "GOD the Lord is my strength;He makes my feet like those of a deer; He makes me walk upon the heights! For the choirmaster. With stringed instruments."

- "A hind is a female deer that can place her back feet exactly where her front feet stepped. Not one inch off! She is able to run with abandonment! In times of danger, she is able to run securely and not get "off track." The hind is able to scale unusually difficult terrain and elude predators."


Believe that you can make it with the help of God instead a believing that you will be defeater or are already defeated. Stand Tall knowing that the King of Glory is on your side!

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