Weapons for Purpose

Hello ladies, I pray that your week is going well. I planned to write a blog and have it up for you on Wednesday, so I had to make sure I had a second one for you today!! We are continuing with the series for the month of August: Fight 4 Purpose.

God has revealed that this month would be the month of reveal. I already revealed the release of my devotional: Walking into Destiny. Today, my husband (Chang3- Christian Rapper) announced yesterday that he will be releasing a new single on 8/18/18. I absolutely love the song he is about to release, so if you have not followed him on social media (Facebook-Chang3; Instagram-mr.chang3) do that today.

Well, today's topic is Weapons 4 Purpose. Knowing that you have to Fight 4 Purpose is one thing; however, you can never go into battle without weapons. Can you imagine a solider being in war without his or her weapon? Can you imagine a fighter going into a fight without training or a level of skills developed? It would seem absolutely crazy. Nevertheless, our weapons are not physical in nature in the Fight 4 Purpose.

I asked a question on my Facebook page, which I invite you to follow today (www.facebook.com/newbeginningswithme). What spiritual weapons do you use? I received two responses that I thought were right on target: prayer in the form of meditation and worship, which are great weapons along with declaring the Word of God, fasting, and faith. For the purpose of this blog, I am going to explain how and why PRAYER should be used when you are Fighting 4 Purpose. Today, I want to act as a guest coach in your Fight 4 Purpose.

First, the great thing about you being in this fight is that it means that the enemy has not intimated you to not be willing to fight or caused you to run away from the challenge. It is great that you have said YES to contending for your God given purpose, but now you must use strategies and be intentional about winning this battle. Prayer & Worship are two important elements that are necessary to win this fight.

Why is prayer important?

Prayer is important for two reasons: 1. Prayer gives you an advantage against your opponent. 2. Prayer gives you the stamina to continue to fight.

1. Prayer gives you an advantage against your opponent. How is this possible? God is all knowing. God knows all about the enemy who is trying to stop you from purpose, and God knows all about you. Prayer gives you insight, wisdom, and strategy to win. If you allow Him, God will lead and guide you to dodge the punches of the enemy. This is important because some blows you can withstand in a battle, but if you continue to get hit, you eventually get knocked down. Some of the best boxers have been knocked down before. If you want to win your Fight 4 Purpose, you have to be able to dodge some hits. Maybe the enemy hits you or has hit you in the area of finances, family, or employment. These things were designed to make you give up your Fight 4 Purpose, but you cannot let them do that. Isaiah 54:17 states that no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against you shall be condemned.

Furthermore, Prayer not only shows you your enemy, but it also reveals to you the areas where you are weak. God can strengthen you and be your strength for you in those areas. In a fight, your opponent studies you to know your tendencies, so they can attack those areas. Your enemy the devil has been studying you for years. If you don't be open and vulnerable to God about those weak areas, the devil will take advantage of them. As your coach, I encourage you to pour out your heart to God. Tell him your fears, insecurities, worries, and pains. He wants to heal those areas, restore those areas, and strengthen those areas. You cannot win your Fight 4 Purpose holding on or hiding the areas where God wants to bring deliverance.

2. Prayer gives you the stamina to continue to fight. How is this possible? Isaiah 40:28, "Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth Does not become weary or tired His understanding is inscrutable." It is tempting to give up during the hard times in your life. It is tempting to lose hope of things getting any better. It is tempting to remove yourself from the battle because it's so intense. In immaturity and ignorance, we did not expect the Fight 4 Purpose to be this hard. God showed you something, told you something, and revealed something that you thought would not be too challenging if you just had faith. However, what do you do when the challenge is more difficult than anticipated? How do you maintain your ground to win when every round becomes harder to maintain?

Prayer is the key. Prayer rejuvenates and revitalizes you. Prayer shows your reliance on God instead of your own power and might. Sometimes we work hard, give our time, and give our minds to the Fight 4 Purpose, but prayer gives us the balance that is necessary to remember that if God does not maneuver some things, it will not be done. Prayer refocuses our focus for the fight. Prayer revives the fire for the fight. Prayer refreshes our spirit to endure the fight until the end.

So, as you are pursuing purpose, use the weapon of Prayer! Prayer is our greatest weapon against our opponent. The devil may not want us to reach purpose, but we are going to PRAY our way to DESTINY! Be Determined to Win this fight. There are people waiting for Your victory. There are people waiting on you to Soar! Soar in your Purpose! Go ahead and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT in Prayer for Purpose!

Signing out- (Your Coach for Today) Chavon Thomas of New Beginnings With Me

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