You Make Me Brave - Amanda Cook
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Praise & Prayer Until the Breakthrough

April 5, 2018


Hello Ladies! I am excited about beginning this new series for the month of April. The theme is "Tested but not Defeated." I believe this is going to be a month of recovery, refreshing, and encouraging. In life, we can be tested in various areas of our lives: marriage, health, children, work, finances, self-image, mental health, and so much more. However this month, I hope to encourage you to continue to press forward into destiny and purpose to reach the dreams and goals that you have set for your future. Although things may look dark at times, the test does not mean you will be defeated. 


Defeat- bring to naught, to eliminate or deprive of something expected.

By definition, when you choose to believe the Word of God, defeat is not even an option for the faith-filled believer unless they choose to give up.


When you are faced with challenges in this life, how do handle the pressure? What do you do when it looks like the obstacle has canceled out the promise? Who do you call on when the weights of life feel as if they are smothering you? What do you do when when the responsibilities are more difficult than anticipated? Do you accept defeat?


No, you cant! Then, how do you live beyond the load of the challenges until the relief of victory? PERSPECTIVE 




There are people who love to climb mountains. If a person who loves to climb mountains decided to focus on the length of the distance from point A to point B, they may change their mind. If they focused on the type of animals they could run into they may change their mind. If they focused on how tired they would become, they may change their mind. If they stood at the bottom of the mountain and never took a step, they would never reach the top of the mountain. What are you looking at that seems to hard, too challenging, too difficult, too enormous, or unattainable? Your outlook on a situation can make or break you. Your outlook on a