Lioness Arise

Hello ladies!!! This will be the final blog for the month of March on the series Beauty & Strength. I pray that you all have been encouraged. It has been a challenging time for me since I have been sick. However, I have good news. I am feeling much better. Thank God.

Today, I want to talk to you from the topic Lioness Arise. A lioness is very important to her family. She is the one who ordinarily does the hunting for her family. Food can be very rare and difficult to obtain, so this role is vital to the lively hood of her family. She is a beautiful animal, but she is also full of strength. It takes strength, endurance, skill, and wisdom to hunt effectively. She does what is necessary to help her family remain strong as they strive to survive and thrive together.

As women, prayer is what is necessary for our family to survive and thrive in this life. When we can allow prayer to be what we do everyday to ensure that our family is taken care of, we will not only walk in strength but our family will too.

The dynamic of family was instituted from the beginning. Communion between God and human kind was essential from the beginning. Prayer is not a ritual that is required. Prayer is an open door for building a relationship with the person who loves you more than you can ever imagine (John 3:16). Prayer is the opportunity to share your heart with the person who created the world and everything in it (Hebrews 11:6). Prayer is the time to share your troubles and expect or have faith for something to happen because God has no limits (Matt. 19:26). Prayer is the place where you meet with and get to know the one who destined you to be here and has a plan for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). Prayer is a time for you to learn more about who you are in the process of learning more about who He is (Jeremiah 29:13 & Phil 3:8).

Your family needs you not only for motherly and wifely responsibilities in regards to the natural needs, but they also need you for the spiritual. However, it is for you to recognize the need for the spiritual because often times we only focus on what we see. The child who is having a hard time in school will need help with homework, but they will also need you praying that they remain encouraged and that the material they are taught is retained. The husband who is out of work or having a hard time on the job will need prayer for peace, strength, hope, and humility as God works in the situation. The child who is dealing with peer pressure will need advice, but they will also need prayer to make sure they don't yield to that peer pressure who you are not around. The sibling who is having problems will need some encouragement, but when they are away from you, prayer will keep away depression and anger from ruling their lives. Prayer deals with the heart of a matter. Surface issues are often a result of internal problems that only God can workout. Therefore, the Lioness must Arise! Pray for your family! Seek God for your family! They need you!

Prayer is the Epitome of Beauty & Strength!!!

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