Courageous Queen

I must admit ladies this month has been a challenging month for me. I have been so congested and under the weather. However, I am thankful that God gives me strength everyday to go to work and get my school work done. I am in my final semester as Liberty. The work load is heavy, but God is with me every step of the way to continue to strengthen me to reach the finish line to graduate in May. You all have been in my thoughts, and I wanted to write a new blog on this topic God has given me. As a result, God have me this topic to go along with the theme: Beauty & Strength.

Do you know that your beauty is one thing, but your strength as a woman does not come from the outter shell. It is about how you are internally: mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Time is up for being beautiful, but depressed. Beautiful but damaged. Beautiful but broken. It is time to be beautiful and strong. Beautiful and Mighty. Beautiful and Determined. Beautiful and full of Purpose. Beautiful and filled with Zeal. Beautiful and Encouraged. Beautiful and Hopeful. Beautiful and filled with Faith. I would like to charge you woman to live life as God has intended, which is no matter what external situations take place, your heart is fixed on God, purpose, and Truth.

I would like to look at the life of Esther as I deal with Courageous Women. Esther was a Jewish, displaced, orphaned girl who was raised by her uncle Mordecai after the death of her parents. After the Queen of the Persian Kingdom was dethroned for not obeying her husband, the King needed a new Queen. Esther was among the young ladies who were gathered at the King's order to come before the King to possibly be his new Queen. Esther was chosen for her beauty & appeal. However, Esther would prove to be a woman of so much more than Beauty when God was ready to move. Since Esther was a Jewish woman, she had to hide her identity because there was oppression against the Jewish people under the rule of a pagan nation. It was no coincidence that God allowed this Jewish girl to be elevated in a pagan government. You have to look at your life that way. God is strategic, justice, and all wise. You have to trust that wherever you are in life, his plan for you is far greater than you can imagine.

In Esther 4: 14, Mordecai states, "Who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for a time such as this?" Mordecai was telling Esther of the difficulties of the Jewish and even the plans to kill Jews by Hamman. He reminded her that the Children of Isreal were her people, and he alluded to the fact that she could have very well been chosen for the purpose of saving the nation of Isreal. Wow! The Bible says that Esther was chosen in the sight of man because of her beauty and appeal, but since we know God is a God was a great plan, Mordaicai shares with Esther that she is where she is because of a greater purpose. It is time to look at your surroundings differently. Search out what purpose God has for you where you are.

In Esther 4:16, Esther's reply is for the Children of Isreal to go on a fast with her for when she goes to approach the King. She needed God with her because she was going to approach the King without being summoned, which was punishable by death. She stated, "If I perish, I perish." That is a Courageous Woman! I believe that when her uncle spoke those words of purpose in her, it connected with her spirit immediately. Although, the flesh was fearful, the spirit man was full of Strength for the task at hand. Then, I believe every day she fasted and every step she took to approach the King that day, the fear left as the Courage on the inside overruled ever attack from the enemy.


You have responsibility as a woman of God.

God is with you. Use the tools (prayer, fasting, studying the Word) God has given you to do the things he has assigned for you.

Esther is an example. You will not be in the same situation as Esther, but there will come times where you have to be courageous. There will come times where you have to move in Strength. Tap into what God has made available to you! You are not weak! You are not defeated! You are not overwhelmed! You are not stressed! You are not broken!

You are whole! Your are Filled with God's Power! Your are Strong! You are more than a conqueror! You are the Head! You are an overcomer! You are the epitome of Beauty & Strength!

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