Beauty & Strength

What is beauty? What is strength?

As women, we pride ourselves in the way that we look. We make hair appointments, nail appointments, and buy fashionable wear. It adds a stride to our walk and a smile to our faces because we feel beautiful. However, beauty can sometimes mask the hurt, pain, and fear that is beneath the makeup, cute shoes, and stylish clothes that a woman wears. It is great to be beautiful. It is great to feel beautiful, but what is more important is that you are strong!

Strength is what enables you to keep going after a long day at work. Strength keeps you positive when negativity is thrown in your face. Strength keeps you motivated when it seems that things are not coming together. Strength keeps you hopeful when life's challenges are dreadful. Strength keeps a wife praying for her husband. Strength keeps a mother ready to teach, guide, and support her children. Strength keeps a young lady pursing her dreams when things sometimes look dark.

As women, God has not called us to be weak and passive. Instead, God has called us to be bold, strong, courageous, and ready for battle. Life does not have to beat us down. You do not have to allow the devil to tear you down. Women it is time to rise up in the morning and everyday not just to be beautiful but to walk in STRENGTH. God wants women with Beauty & Strength. Will you be able to hold up someone who is about to fall? Will you be able to encourage someone who feels everything has gone wrong? Will you be the peace in a chaotic situation? Will you stand strong in the midst of dire situations?

This month the focus will be on Beauty & Strength because I believe in 2018 God is looking for women who are more than beautiful. God wants women who walk in strength. It is time to let the mask down and allow God to heal the wounded places and walk in true Beauty & Strength.

Your choice to walk in strength is going to help someone walk in their freedom, healing, deliverance, and purpose.

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