Sowing for a Harvest

We are going to continue with the series on Persevere for the month of December. Today, I want to focus on the topic of Sowing For a Harvest.

Sowing is important in the Kingdom of God. There are many ways to sow into your future including, giving of monetary gifts, blessing others, prayer, fasting, and much more. As we position ourselves for 2018, we must have a sowing mentality. When you have an intention to sow, you can have the expectation of reaping your harvest.

Sow-to scatter (seed) over land, earth, etc., for growth; plant.

Harvest- a supply of anything gathered at maturity and stored; to gain, win, or use (a prize, product, or result of any past act,process, etc.)

In Soar, TD Jakes stated, "You have to be committed to the process of putting your dream into practice" (Jakes, p. 32). When you sow into your dream and your destiny, you are inevitably committing yourself to the process. In this world, you can gain so much within minuets through the use of the internet and the click of a button. This often creates more anxiety during the waiting process when you should be enjoying the journey to victory. Think about it, the greatest stories are not the ones that happened quickly or without challenge. Instead, the stories that resound the most are the ones that in spite every obstacle the individual or individuals persevered until they obtained the desired outcome.

There are two common ways that you can choose to sow your seeds:

1. Broadcast sowing- this is scattering them on the surface

- You use this when you have plenty of seed and you want a good area of growth.

- After scattering, you rake over them gently and water carefully

2. In Drills or rows for sowing- this is the act of sowing seeds in rows or drills.

- This is a good method when you still want a lot of plants, but you prefer to have each in its own place.

- Rake it and mark it out before you sow the seeds because the ground has to be prepared prior to sowing the seed. Then, rake again to make sure there are no lumps from soil or stones.

When you are sowing into your destiny, I believe you can use both of these methods. First, I believe that you can use Broadcast sowing when you begin to move in faith on what God is telling you to do. He could be telling you to spend time in intercession, start a youtube page, share your business ideas with others, make yourself available to help others who are working in your desired area, or any action that results in poisitioning yourself for victory.

Then, you also have to use the drill or row sowing method also. I believe this method is very important because in order for you to reach a dream or goal you have to make specific and strategic choices to the path of your desired outcome. It could be writing a book on a particular topic, creating a website, taking certain classes to increase your knowledge, reading books on your topic of interest, getting your business license, or connecting with people who can mentor you in a particular area.

As you begin to sow seeds like this, God is going to do his part. You may not get the feedback you desire right away, the views you envisioned right away, or the support you expected right away, but you have to trust that the desire in your heart is God given. If it is God given, you can believe that as you sow into that dream or goal, God is at work also.

In the book of Nehemiah, Nehemiah got permission from his King to go and build the wall for the children of Israel in Jerusalem. Even though he was given permission, he had a difficult time. There was a lot of opposition from the other nation of people to stop him, but he kept working and fighting for his goal. In the end, the wall was rebuilt! Nehemiah had a goal in mind and nothing was going to stop him!Are you going to let something or someone stop you?

I believe God is saying for some to keep sowing. If you have not began to sow, start sowing into that dream or goal in mind. You cannot expect for God to do it all. You have to put your faith to work. You have to organize, plan, and prepare for the harvest that you desire. Then, for those of you who have been preparing for the harvest by continuing to sow seeds, as you look forward to 2018, expect that harvest to come. Pray in expectation and believe with expectations, so you can receive.

Don't give up now! God has some great plans for you! Will you trust him? Will you have faith? Sow! Sow! Sow into your future. Get up and go to work at what God has gifted you with, put as a desire in your heart, or showed you in a dream or vision. Share you and the God in you with the world! We need YOU! No matter the obstacles, challenges, or the wait, Persevere until that dream becomes your reality!

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