365 Days of Thankful

WOW, we are at another Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for! Family, Friends, Food, Being Alive, etc.

I first would like to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU!

I have not written a blog in celebration of Thanksgiving before, but I feel led to do it this year.

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that people love because it is usually filled with laughter, delicious foods, and family unity. It is a time where we stop and thank the people near and dear to our hearts for their love, support, and so much more. In going on with this topic of Peace for the month of November, you must know that having this type of attitude as a part of your everyday life, can result in peaceful living.

We have 365 days in a year, if we choose to reflect, acknowledge, and affirm someone each day, we would have a completely different outlook on our world. Yes, you can look at various things that are going on in the world as terrible, but God is still at work in your life and in the world. Think about it:

- You avoided an Accident

- Your plane didn't crash or your loved ones

- A heart surgeon saved someone's life

- A lawyer helped an innocent party get free

- A teacher inspired a student to strive to reach their potential - A firefighter rescued someone from a burning building

- A church decided to be a blessing to some families for the holidays and way before. - A person decided to pay for someone's groceries.

- A mother hugged her son.

- A father hugged his daughter.

- A grandmother loved and prayed for her family. - A gunshot didn't kill that person

- An accident didn't kill that person

- The cancer went into remission

- Jesus died for you!

There is so much to be thankful for. Someone loves you! Someone is thinking of you! Someone needs you! Will you be the smile that a person needs today? Will you give the hug that someone needs today?

A prayer of Thanksgiving:


We thank you for your love for us. God we thank you for the plans that you have for our lives. God we thank you that you have allowed us to be living still. God we thank you for family, friends, laughter, and our Faith. God we ask that you would help us to remember to be thankful throughout the year. Help us to acknowledge, appreciate, and love the people around us more often than we do. God despite all the things we could complain or discuss because of what is going on in the world we live in, we ask that you also give us the eyes to see and know that you are doing some other wonderful things at the same time. God you always win!

In Jesus name,


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