Determination: Prayer & Practice

Are you determined to succeed? Are you determined to reach your goals? Are you determined to be all that God has created for you to be? Are you determined to move forward? How bad do you want change? How bad do you want your dream to becomes your reality?

When you have faced so many obstacles and challenges in this life, hopelessness, discouragement, and doubt can easily begin to rest on your heart and mind concerning your future. You can begin to doubt that you have purpose. However, it is important to know that this does not have to be the case. You were born for something greater.

Determination- a fixed purpose or intention; the quality of being resolute; firmness of purpose;

The enemy wants to steal that mindset away from you. He wants to cripple you, so you don't walk into destiny. Have you found yourself discouraged? What are the results of discouragement? Depression, Lack of effort, Lack of belief in one's self, Lack of hope, and so much more. So what do you do if once you realize what is really going on? I just have two simple steps: prayer and practice!

Prayer- Since the enemy is the culprit of the crime that has been committed against you, you cannot address the situation without God. God is the one you go to talk about everything that is on your heart. God is the only one who knows where you truly are. He is the one you can be completely honest with without holding it against you. Prayer is not you informing God of what he does not already know, but it is you releasing it off of your heart for him to take it and begin to restore, renew, transform, and recreate. Prayer says God I realize that I need you, and I realize that you are the only one who can put me in the place where I need to be. Matthew 7:7, "Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be open unto you." WOW! God will always take care of his children. Matthew 15:7, "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you." Remembering still that everything is according to his timing. Don't allow the enemy and his lies to be your truth. Stand in Prayer! Get in alignment with the word of God for your life.


The action or process of performing or doing something. I do not know what your dreams or goals are, but you do. So, it's time to get busy. This will not be easy. You have to work towards being consistent. This comes with making plans to work toward your goals and dreams. The busyness of life can make you feel like there is no time for what you desire. However, you have to make time for purpose. For example, if you do not prepare for an exam, you cannot expect to do well when the opportunity comes to test what you can do. God has doors of opportunity for your purpose and destiny but are you ready. It is okay to be in a preparation season, but you do not want to spend your life there. Therefore, you must do what is needed to build effectiveness, character, discipline, and knowledge to be able to shine and walk into that door of opportunity. Practice makes you ready and the best qualified according to God's standards. So get to work. Get busy with what God has assigned to your life!!

I wrote two books, created blogs, and earned my undergraduate degree and working towards my master's degree with prayer and practice (the process of performing or doing something). It is not easy. I do not always feel motivated to do somethings, but I press towards my goals. Then I see good results. I see God's hand on what I am doing. There is always a rewards in prayer in practice. What will you do after this live video? Will you get to work today? Will you make plans in your schedule to work on one of your goals? Will you create and purchase some business cards? Will you call that person who has had some ideas that you have hesitated being a part of? Don't allow the enemy to stifle your purpose or lock you into the chains of yesterday or lies of what will never be. Instead, Pray through! Then, get busy with practice for every door of opportunity that comes your way. God desires to do something amazing in you! START NEW TODAY!!

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