Finish What You Start

Where would you be if you finished everything you started? What new idea or aspiration did you begin working towards or on that you have put to the side?

The great thing about finishing what you start is that you can set new goals for that project while working towards starting something new!

Important definitions:

Start-to begin or set out, as on a journey or project

Finish- to bring something to an end or completion

Challenge- something that by it's nature or characters serves as a call to battle, contest, special effort, etc.

Your destiny is connected to what you finish and not just what you start.

Enemies of Destiny

1. Quit- to stop, cease, or discontinue; to give up, resign, let go; relinquish; to stop trying, struggling; to accept defeat

- This is an enemy of destiny because if you always quit, you never have the opportunity to finish or succeed. Everything you start will come up against opposition, but you cannot let anything stop you!

2. Procrastination- to defer action; delay; to put off for another day or time - This is a great enemy of your destiny because if you keeping putting something off, you will never even begin. You cannot finish something you have not even started. Then, if you start, but you continue to procrastinate you could miss opportunities that become available. Also, on a job you could become unreliable.

3. Mediocre- of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate

- This is an enemy of destiny because in order for others to believe in you, you have to produce high quality work by high quality effort. Also, you want to be able to be influential. When you put your best effort forward, it is recognized and will be supported. Then, you can proudly announce, share, and talk about what your work.


Nehemiah was a cup-bearer for the King of Persia. The walls to the City of Jerusalem, which symbolized the strength and protection of the Children on Israel were down. They needed to be rebuilt. Nehemiah received permission from the King to go and help make sure the wall was rebuilt because he had favor with the king. While they were building the wall, they faced opposition. There were times when they had to fight as they worked because their enemies did not want them to finish. However, they continued to work. Nehemiah went to the King, and they received relief. In the end, they were able to FINISH the wall! - God can use anyone he chooses to do something great!

Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook. Mark and some classmates at Harvard College created Facebook in 2004 . They had an idea, started the project, and launch the finished idea on campus. The idea expanded to other campuses. I am sure new goals were set over time, new ideas for profit, and other interesting innovations that we love like Facebook Live. - An idea started finished and then expanded has become a multi-billion dollar company. You never know where your idea will take you.

I am the creator of New Beginnings With Me. God gave me an idea to start a blog page. After the second time, I started creating. There are some projects you will have to start alone. I started building a website, and I finished. I created social media accounts, and I finished. I started going live, writing books, creating a YouTube page, and a booking page, and I finished. I still set new goals for myself, and I have ideas to start other projects. - If God told me that things I would do when he first gave me the blog idea, I would have felt to overwhelmed and inadequate to do it. I can understand how Moses felt when he went back and forth with God about how he was not the best choice. I even heard the amazing Christian author John Bever testify on an episode of Sid Roth this same thing when God told him to write a book, and he knew how much difficulty he had in English class.

What have you started that you have not finished yet?

Is it school? Well, begin again. Go register for another class.

Is it entrepreneurship? Create your website. Write your vision and plan on paper.

Is it a new career? Put in a new application. Get the training you need.

Is it new to lose weight? Commit to exercise again. Gym, a dvd, walking more.

There are rewards!!! Let's do it!!!

Allow God to be a part of your endeavors. Pray and ask him to help you be discipline and committed to what he had placed in your heart. There is nothing to big or to small for God to delight in helping you with. God loves you so mcuh, he desired to be involved in every aspect of your life.

21 Day Challenge!!!******* June 3- 24

- I am starting this challenge that I would like you to be a part of! Remember this is New Beginnings With Me, so I will be doing it with you!

- Think of some things that you know that you have put off or stopped once you started. Write them down. Then for 21 Days, you will commit to working on those things.

- I encourage you to journal each day of the challenge to stay motivated because it can be a motivational tool to keep going after the challenge is over.

- I encourage you to be accountable to someone else as you do this challenge also. Tell someone to check to make sure you did it each day.

- FOR ME: I will post something each day of the challenge on my Facebook page under NEW BEGINNINGS WITH ME. I will make myself accountable that way.

Here are the things that I am going to commit to for the next 21 Days:

1. T-25 workout plan

2. Working on my next book

3. Working on my homework for school

4. 1 hour per day of Worship, Prayer, and Bible Study

MAKE YOUR LIST AND GO FOR IT!!!! I look forward to you sharing online!!!! YOU CAN COMMENT BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE!!

Let's PRAY for one another to stick this out!!!


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