Peace in the Midst of the Storm

"Peace in the Midst of the Storm"

In Virginia, there were tornadoes that actually touched ground. It was astonishing to me because I cannot recall a tornado that hit Virginia in my lifetime. I am more familiar with hurricanes in Virginia but not tornadoes. Of course when the tornadoes touched ground damage was done.

In the midst of my husband and I taking precautions, God just had me reflecting on life and the storms we face. What do you do in the midst of your storms? Do you find yourself stress out? Do you find yourself fearful? Do you find yourself worried about the damage the storm could cause?

Storms are inevitable in this life, but it is how you go through your storm that will either make or break you.

What is your perception on the storm you might be in right now? What will your perception be for the storms you may have to face in the future? Perception is key because in order for you to have peace in the midst of what you are going through, you have to believe that God is going to see you through. You have to believe that God is going to allow you to come out victorious. Yes, the storm or the challenge may cause some damage. It may hurt. However, will you allow the storm to make you bitter or better? Will you allow the storm to make you strong or weak? Will you allow the storm to break you down or catapult you to the next level?

God is such a good God that what the devil means for your bad, he can make it for your good. Your greatest trial will be your greatest testimony of the greatness of God manifested in your life. People will wonder how you made it through the storm. People will wonder how you are still walking with your head held high. People will wonder why you did not give up.

In the Bible (Mark 4: 35-41), the disciples were on a boat in a storm. They became frantic by how bad the storm became. However, Jesus was on the ship sleeping, but how could Jesus be sleeping at a time where there was so much chaos and clear trouble on the rampage? Who are you during a storm? Are you like Jesus who can sleep peacefully because you know whose and who you are? Or are you like the disciples who were in a frenzy at the sign of trouble? Faith should be unlocked when we are faced with storms. If anything else shows up, then we have to pray and give our cares to God.

On the boat, the disciples ran to Jesus and ask him did he care about them at all because they could not understand how he could be sleeping during the storm. Have you ever questioned God during your storms? The bible says that Jesus got up and told the storm peace be still. Then Jesus asked them where their faith was. Is Jesus asking you that during your storms?

You can walk in peace during your storms because God is with you. You are never alone even when you maybe physical all by yourself. God will show you his power in the midst of the storms. He will show you how much he really loves you. Instead of fear, worry, stress, anxiety, depression, or doubt, choose to go through your storms in peace.

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