Hope Again

Hope Again

When life brings difficulty, it can sometimes strip away our hope. 2016 was a year of many challenges for me. I remember one day when I was in prayer God began to deal with me about my hope. God told me that I lost hope in the area of my greatest challenge. I learned that I needed to rejuvenate my hope. I am not sure what area of your life seems the most hopeless, but you must know that it’s never too late for God to turn things around. Often times when there are challenges in front of us, we focus on how long the challenge has been there or how horrible to challenge is. However, have you ever known for something to be too difficult for God to be too late to fix it? God has his own perfect timing. We have to trust him in the midst of our challenges, and we have to maintain our hope even in the darkest moments of our lives.

In her book You Can Begin Again, Joyce Meyer said, “It’s never too late to dream. It’s never too late to pray. It’s never too late to believe. It’s never too late to surrender. And it’s never too late to begin again” (Meyer 2014). This is such a powerful statement. It is so impacting because it sums up that fact that we do not look at our own timetable. Instead we have to trust the perfect timing of God. As we age in life, we can reflect back on our lives and lose hope in dreams and goals that we once had. However, we have to change our perspectives. God is not limited to time. God is not controlled by our clocks. God does not follow our plan. Joyce said, “Hopes, dreams, plans, and ambitions that operate on your own timetable will always be a source of frustration” (Meyer 2014).

For example, Sarah and Abraham were told by God that they would have a child. However, Sarah was barren. They did not have their child until Sarah was 90 years old. When we hear in the bible that Sarah laughed when she heard God tell Abraham that she would have a child, we normally assess it as her lack of faith alone. However, it was more than that. Sarah lost hope. She lost hope because to her it was too late for her to have a child. The dream of having a child and the faith she once had was gone because she felt like time was up for her. Have you ever felt like time had passed for a relationship to be restored, to go back to school, to give your life to Christ, to follow your dreams, or to meet someone special? It’s not too late! When God is with you, it’s never too late!

It’s time for you to hope again. It’s time for you to believe God’s word again. It’s time for you to believe the impossible again. It’s time for you to believe that you can achieve something that looks as if you have run out of time.

What is Hope?

Hope- the feeling of expectation and desire that something is GOING to happen.

You cannot lose hope because if you lost hope you can lose your faith. Hebrews 11:1 “Now, Faith is the substance of things HOPED for and the evidence of things not seen.” Faith cannot be activated without hope. Faith cannot stand without hope. You have to pray and study your word for hope again. God deals with faith all the time in the bible, but where is your hope? Where is your belief for the impossible? Where is your belief that things will get better? Where is your belief that you will achieve this or you will ascertain that? It’s time to Hope Again! Revisit that dream! Reclaim that victory! Believe for a turnaround for the better! Hope for a better tomorrow!

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