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The obstacles and challenges in life often cause people to lose hope and to lose faith. Therefore, it is very important for the believer to be bold enough to share the gospel and the reality of the living God. God has not changed, but the world, the people, societal views, and even the church has. The testimony of a believer who has a close relationship with God can have a great impact on the unbeliever.

Imagine sitting in a coffee shop and someone walks up to you, and they ask you if they can share something with you. You have no idea what to expect, but you politely decide to incline your ear. Then this person begins to share something with you that causes the hairs on your arms to stand up, your heart begins to race 1 million beats per minute, and your eyes begin to water. This is what you needed to hear without realizing you needed to hear it. This is the feeling you longed for without realizing it was something that was missing. You left the table lighter and free from the weights of life, and you left the table with a new outlook on life.

Well, I had the opportunity to talk with someone who was doing just that. During his trip to Starbucks, he was sharing his testimony of the supernatural power of God in his life with unbelievers. This same man is now about to release a movie called Heavenly Deposit about his testimony, and I had the pleasure of speaking with him.

Heavenly Deposit

A Faith Based Film

It will be released in 2017


George Vincent is the Writer/Producer/Director. The movie is based on his life and the testimony he began to share at a Starbucks. He began sharing his testimony one day and people would have tears in their eyes. One day he shared his story with a minister, and he was encouraged to make a film about it. He was shocked that he did not think of that himself because he was an actor. Later, he decided that he would do that. It was written over the course of 2 years. The movie was given the highest ranking by The Dove Foundation.


His goal is to reach those who are not saved. Help inspire hope in a world where there seems to be none. He believes, “If you are open, then these is a chance God will help you.”


Rick Irvin is the Producer/Director. He began acting in bad movies as an actor. He played in horror films. However, during that time, he learned how to produce and make films during that time. He and George met when he selected George to star and one of his films.

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This is a faith based film that you do not want to miss. It will be heart wrenching, encouraging, and inspiring. There is so much going on in the world. This is a great opportunity to provide hope to a seemingly hopeless situation. It is an opportunity for people to find love in a world where it seems like violence and hate prevail. It is an opportunity to build faith where people are doubting the existence of God. A film that is not just for the believer, but a movie that is for everyone.

Great Cast

George Vincent

Kristina Denton

Mike Madrigal

John Savage

Ella Joyce

Peter Jason

Benjamin A Onyango

Kathleen Kosche

Barry Van Dyke

Meredith Thomas

Fran Ashmore

Alisa Reyers

For More Information and Updates about the Movie

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