What's In the Shell?

The world we live in puts a lot of emphasis on the shell. I am referring to the body that houses our spirit. The shell is often where an enormous amount of emphasis is placed. People say that they can tell the character of a person by the way they dress, how good their hair looks, and even how fit they are. However, what’s in the shell? How is the spirit man on the inside?

There are churches where a certain way you dress can dictate your status, your level of commitment to the church, and even sometimes to God. There are business that will refuse to hire someone highly qualified if they do not dress a certain way for the interview. People tell you to be sure you dress appropriately if you ever have to appear in court. Women tell women to put on spandex and long sleeves to hide any excess weight. People criticize others because of the clothes and shoes they have on. Children get bullied because of what they don’t have. Adults are frowned on for not having or wearing the latest fashion. The ads and commercials, the sales, the emails, the black Friday shopping, and the cyber Monday shopping always points our focus to the shell. People long to one day have the best. The best car to ride our shells in and the best houses as shelter for the shells is what we long for. Then, there is the new fitness craze. It’s no longer just about what the shell wears, where the shell lives, and what the shell has on, but it is even now about how fit the shell is. All of these things do have their place, but what about what’s in the shell?

The bible says that this body will go back to the dust, but your spirit will live forever. Is your spirit alive in Christ, or is it still dead because of sin? We have to put things back into proper perspective. We cannot be so consumed with taking care of the shell that we neglect the spirit that has to stand before God in judgement. God loves you, and he desires the best for you. He desires that you have to best, but he does not want the collection of all those things to supersede a relationship with him. He desires a spirit that is his.

God desires for you to walk around with peace, joy, hope, and strength. God desires that you have a relationship with Him (your creator). God does not want you addicted to anything outside of him. Many people are beautiful on the outside, physically fit, and have the best. However, what’s on the inside. Are you plagued with fear, tormented by your past, filled with insecurities, or hopeless? Are you depressed by life’s obstacles, are you angry with yourself or others, or are you consumed with your job? Completion only comes with a relationship with God.

I desire to be more than beautiful on the outside, but inside I’m bound, depressed, or fearful of the future. It’s time to put things in perspective. New Beginnings can start when we set out affections on things above. It’s time to get rid of the anger, the bitterness, the depression, the insecurities, the fear, and the hopelessness. Focus on making sure your spirit is transformed and renewed. Be beautiful on the inside with the help of God.

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