All is Well!

All is well! - The Voice of Faith

The enemy desires to paralyze us with the weights and difficulties of life. He desires to immobilize us. He has seen a glimpse of what God has for our future. Many times in life we are face with situations and circumstances that can cause us to fret, worry, doubt, and fear. Nevertheless, when we remember who we have on our side, we can progress and move forward in God. The bible says that “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” The Bible is filled with promises from God concerning us, and we have to seek out his word, his plan, and his will for our lives over all else. When you feel in despair and overwhelmed by the cares of this life, it is important to go to God. We have to build ourselves up on our most holy faith the word of God says. We have to know what God desires for us, and we can only know and meditate on what he desires for us through prayer for direct communion with him and through his word.

When we resolve to put our faith and trust in God no matter what the situation looks like, we can believe God to manifest his power over whatever obstacle that is on our path. God loves you unconditionally, and he desires to see you prosper, and he desires for you to live a life filled with peace, joy, and hope. Often times we wonder why things are difficult in our lives, and we wonder how things have unfolded if God really loves us. Nevertheless, with ever promise, God did not say that it would be easy, be absent of opposition, or go the way we planned. We are in a spiritual fight so every promise that God has for us, the devil does his best to stop, hinder, and destroy it.

In 2 Kings 4: 8-37, there is a story of a woman who made provisions for the prophet of God by creating a room on her house so that during his travels he had somewhere to stop and sleep. She did not have intentions to ask for anything for him, she really just decided to be a blessing to the man of God.

***Have there been times in your life where you did something just to be a blessing to someone else? Have you ever did things for someone and never expected anything in return? Have you served God because you love him and appreciate all that he did for you through his death, burial, and resurrection?

The story continues that the Prophet Elisha desires to bless this woman for her kindness. I believe that God placed that on his heart to do. When he asked what she needed, she told him basically that she was fine. Then Elisha asked his servant Gehazi what does he thing could be done for her, and his response was that she did not have a child.

***She did not tell the prophet what she needed, but God knew what she needed. Have you ever talked to someone and hid what was really going on with you? Have you ever masked the hurt, pain, and difficulties of life as you continued to encourage someone else? Even when you don’t share it with anyone else, God knows exactly what you need.

The prophet told her that by the same time next year, she would have a son. I love this prophecy because the prophet Elisha did not say a child (a general statement), but he gave the sex of the child as well. In those days to have a male child was honored. Later, at the time that the prophet said, she gave birth to a son.

***God kept his word for this woman. She gave birth to a son. The promise that God had made came to pass.

However, in 2 Kings 4:18, the child became sick and began to complain to his father about his head hurting. His father then brought the child to his mother, and he laid on her lap and died.

***Now, how do you think this woman feels? This was not what she expected to happen. God manifested his power. Why was she in this situation? Where did this obstacle come from? Where did this difficulty come from? Have you been there before?

The story continues with the woman laying him on the bed that she had for the prophet Elisha, and asking her husband for someone to go with her to go see the man of God and come right back. Her husband asked her why she was going because it was not time. Her response was “It shall be well.” They headed on their way to see the prophet, and she said go as fast as you can and don’t worry about me getting hurt.

***Her faith had a voice! Have you needed God so bad, that you just had to do whatever it took to get into his presence? Have you ever been at work and had to go to the bathroom to pray? Have you ever been among a group of people and had to go outside or to the bathroom to pray? Have you ever had to take a drive and pray? Have you ever had to lock yourself in your room to pray? You needed God desperately!

They went to Mt. Carmel where he was, and the prophet sent Gehazi to go and say to her, “Is it well with thee? It is well with thy husband? Is it well with the child?”

***I am sure that the prophet so the hurry she was in to get to him; therefore, I believe the question was a question of her faith. Where did she stand at this present moment when all the odds were against her? Why was she in a hurry to see the prophet?

Her response is “It is well.

***Her faith had a voice! She believed that all would be well. She had faith that God could do what seems like the impossible.

She then went to the prophet and fell at his feet. Gehazi tried to move her and the prophet said, “Let her alone her soul is vexed within her: and the Lord hath hid it from me, and hath not told me.”

***Why would God not tell Prophet Elisha what was going on with the child of the woman he prophesied would be born? I believe there are somethings in life that God does not reveal to everyone because it is first a test of your own faith. What would have happened if the prophet would have come to the woman and told her that he child will die but then God would allow him to live again? She would not have understood. There are some challenges that we will face in life that will not have warning, and it is not for us to angry that when we are in difficulty for us to become upset when someone does not pick up what we are going through. It is our test, but then we can reach out to the right people who will believe God with us.

The woman said to the prophet, “Did I desire a son my lord? Did I not say, Do not deceive me”

***This is powerful because she is saying this is what you told me. What has God told you? It is ok for you to remind God of what he told you. He desires to fulfill his word in your life. God is a man of his word.

The story ends with the prophet sending the servant to go and pray for the child. However, when the servant went to pray, he did not come back to life. So the prophet went and prayed for him, and the boy came back to life.

***There are some things that only God can do for you. The God that first gave you the word is the one who delivers every miracle, every breakthrough, every healing, and every restoration.

I share this today because God is awesome. He is all powerful, He is all mighty, He is all knowing, and He is faithful. It does not matter how impossible or bad the situation looks, we have to choose to have the voice of Faith. We have to stand on the word of God. We have to remind God of his word that he desires to fulfill in our lives. We have to mediate, pray, and seek God during the situation as you await the manifestation of his power in your life. Don’t give up!!! You are on the brink of something new!!! You are on the brink of God manifesting himself to you!!!

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