Lord Remember Me

Lord Remember Me

Many times when we find ourselves in trials or difficulty that is not easily solved, we can become distort and discouraged. The situation begins to take over our thoughts and our minds, and we find it difficult to function in life with that situation still unresolved. We get to a place where we ask God why, when we know we shouldn’t or we understand that it’s necessary but we would rather avoid the situation. Moreover, we may think we have been dealing with something long enough, and it should be over by now. However, we know that God’s timing is not our timing at all. Therefore, we try to go on believing God for a miracle and trusting that he knows best, but we still find ourselves discouraged and weighed down by the situation or situations.

One day in prayer, when I was pouring my heart out to God, I just began to say “Lord Remember Me.” That is not something that I ordinarily say in prayer, but it is what began to spring out of my mouth. I believe the Holy Spirit was giving what to say to God because as I cried out to God saying those words, God began to remind me of stories in the Bible. The stories in the Bible that he reminded me of where those where because of their faithfulness, commitment, and loyalty to God and having a relationship with him, he blessed them (he remembered them).

Sometimes we wonder where God is, but instead of wondering something we know the answer to (because he is always with us), we can ask God to resolve the situation for us. You have to understand, that God takes delight in blessing us because it brings glory to him when we testify of what he has done. Here are the stories that God reminded me of:

Noah- There was so much wickedness in the Land during Noah’s day. The people did not want to heed the ways of God, and they wanted to do what they wanted to do. However, God remembered Noah. He remember the heart Noah had for him, the way he lived to please God, and how he honored God. Therefore God blessed Noah and his family to survive the flood and start the next generation of people.

Abraham- Was chosen out of his family to move away from his family and go where God will give him further instructions because of the promise of his seed that would be as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the ground with his wife Sarah. However, his wife was barren. However, God remembered Abraham and at 99 and his wife 90 that had a son named Isaac and through his lineage were many nations born.

Joshua and Caleb- These were two of the twelve spies sent out to look at the land the Children of Israel would go to. All of the spies came back with a negative report except Joshua and Caleb. There were giants in the land, and the other spies became intimidated by their size. However, Joshua and Caleb said that they were able to defeat the current inhabitants of the land because God promised them the land. After 40 years in the wilderness, Joshua and Caleb and the next generation of the Children of Israel went into the promise land. God remembered Joshua and Caleb.

God sees the faith and the faithfulness of his people. He hears the cries, the prayers, and the petition of his people. He loves us so much, and it does not matter how difficult things may seem God is able to deliver, restore, heal, and fix every situation that looks impossible. Trust that he is going to come through for you. Do not doubt!!! Believe!!! Trust!!!! Have Faith!!!! He is the creator, and you are his creation. Seek Him!!!! He has not forgotten you!!!! He has seen your sacrifice!!!! He has seen your labor of Love!!!! He has seen your commitment!!!!

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