Wisdom Unveiled: Provb. 3

Proverbs 3:3- The need for Mercy & Truth

Mercy and Truth around your neck and write them upon the table of your heart

Mercy- compassionate or kindly forbearance shown toward an offender, enemy, or other person in one’s power; shutting out of forms of selfishness and hate.

Truth- Fact or reality, actuality shutting out all deliberate falsehood, hypocrisy

Neck- significant because like jewelry that is adorned on one’s neck, it is fastened there and not easily lost; also it is continually in one’s view

Heart- significant because the mind and heart is where all God’s Word are to be received and engraved; the heart should be in union with the word of God

This scriptures tells us that mercy and truth are very important to operate in wisdom. Remember that we must gain knowledge from the Word of God to discern the best decision to make according to the word of God. Therefore, if mercy and truth are always in view and in our hearts, we will be able to operate in wisdom. We should not make decisions out of hatred or lies.

Proverbs 3:4 then shares some of the results of walking in wisdom. We “find favor and good understanding in the sight of God and man.”

Favor- being approved or held in high regard; excessive kindness

Wisdom is something people admire. This is especially true when people need advice on a matter, and wisdom shines through. This is a way to allow God to get the glory out of your life. People will wonder about a person with great wisdom and that person can direct them to God.

Provb. 3:5-7

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thy own eyes.”

This verse teaching us to rely on God for all things. This is wisdom. We should always consult with God on matters of life and trust that he is directing our paths. We cannot rely on ourselves or believe that we can make wise decisions without consulting him.

Provb. 3:12- Accept Correction

“The Lord corrects those he loves”

Therefore we have to open to God’s directions and instructions through the word of God, which is truth. There are many things that religion has deemed unholy, but it may not actually be the truth. Those things we have to test with the Word of God. However, there are somethings that are completely out of line with the Word of God, and even though some of those things may touch on things that we may not want to let go of or stop, does not mean continue to do what you want. We have to choose to line ourselves with the Word of God, which will lead us down the path that he has for us. This will take us to the preordained destiny for our lives.

Provb. 3:14-18- Value of Wisdom

These verses tell us of the value of wisdom. Wisdom is better than silver and gold, rubies, and any other thing of great value. Long life, riches and honor, peace, and good life also come with wisdom.

Prov. 3:19-20- Wisdom in Creation

These verses let us know that since the beginning, Wisdom was in operation. The body and how it functions is incredible, photo synthesis is incredible, the solar system is incredible, reproduction is incredible, and so many other things that only be the wisdom of God could have been established.

Provb. 3:21-24- Sound Wisdom and Discretion

Solomon reiterates the importance of sound wisdom and discretion. The results of having these: life to the soul, grace to thy neck (in view), no fear, good sleep, and confidence in God.

Provb. 3:27-34- Wise Counsel for everyday life

Provb. 3:35-Glory in Wisdom

“The wise shall inherit glory, but shame for fools”

God wanted us to understand the importance of Wisdom. There are many positive things that are yielded out of wisdom. There is also a level of reliance on God in order to fully operate in wisdom. Mercy and Truth must remain at the front of our minds and engraved on our hearts. Then we will have favor, long life, peace, good life, no fear, good sleep, and confidence in God. Wisdom allows us the opportunity to look to God on how to handle a matter, thus producing great trust, faith, and peace in our lives.

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