Chavon Thomas is a passionate speaker. She teaches with clarity. Her mission is to empower women and youth to walk in purpose. In addition, she is a great resource for consultations in relation to publishing books, preparing students for post-secondary goals, and more. Please review below and book today.


Chavon is a certified Life and Leadership Coach who is passionate and committed to helping people of all ages and walks of life reach their purpose. Leadership is what God has placed in all of us, but we must cultivate it. Be encouraged, get tips, develop strategy, and reach goals. 

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Client Reviews

Shaneice Jones

So although I was very excited to start this new decade, I was feeling a bit lost and unclear about where to start- which hindered my ability to take any steps towards any path. Chavon has not only encouraged me to take the steps necessary towards achieving my goals, but she is helping me to make a clear step by step plan to walk into my purpose confidently. Chavon’s help is allowing me to consciously tackle the areas I struggle with regarding my personal, professional, and spiritual life. She provides gentle guidance, compassion and a lot of Biblical knowledge. Her coaching is practical, insightful and rooted in the Word of God. I really can’t recommend the program enough! Although still a work in progress, progress has definitely been made and I feel much more positive, productive and empowered!

Life Coaching Client & Business Owner

Ebony Makaya

Chavon’s life coaching skills are amazing!!! She motivates, guides, encourages and uplifts with love! She covered aspects of my business life, school life, personal goals as well as spiritual goals! I love that she holds me accountable but yet reminds me to also extend myself grace! She learned me as a person and worked with me for who I was! I would highly recommend her!!!

Life Coaching Client

Kim Brooks

If you are looking for a Life Coach to help you make 2020 not be a repeat of past years, I recommend Chavon Anette. She is very insightful, a great listener, and a motivator. I have enjoyed doing 1 on 1 sessions and praying with her. Chavon Anette is awesome!

Life Coaching Client

Rebekah Dandy

What a blessing!

I enrolled in Overcoming 2020 this year to transform my prayer life and it was a blast!! Chavon was an amazing coach and spiritual counselor that showed up for me 100%, guided me and help me through my goals for the week. I definitely recommend her program to get you from where you are to where you’d like to be!!

Life Coaching Client & Business Owner

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