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I Almost Gave Up

Life will take you on an interesting journey, to say the least. There are twists and turns and highs and lows. As people of God, we are constantly working to manage and manage this list just as others do with the help of God. The unexpected challenges that meet us on this journey of life make it hard to maintain a posture of faith at times, but it is imperative that we choose to rely on God over our own power and strength.

As a woman of faith, it has been my decision to trust in God that has kept my head above water in the most difficult seasons of my life. People think walking with God is a waste of time, but I have come to know that my life would be in complete shambles without God. God has been my friend, closest confidant, helper, guide, and lifter of my head. In the thick of the darkest wilderness experiences, God has been the constant and consistent source of light.

I never gave up on this journey because he was holding my hand. I never gave up because he whispered in my ear that he would always be with me. I never gave up because he sent people into my life to strengthen and encourage me. I never gave up because he always reminded me that I had a purpose. I never gave up because he would surprise me with blessings and show me that I'm here even when it was hard.

I share this as my first blog on this page because God has made me an encourager at heart. Words of encouragement from God, friends, family members, and strangers have helped lift me out of some of the darkest pits in my life. So, I want to encourage you that if God has been with me since I was 17 years old (the age I completely surrendered, but he was there before I was in my mother's womb- Jeremiah 1:5), then I know he is and will always be with you.

If you are on the verge of Almost giving up- STOP, PRAY, and CONTINUE! If you have made it through some of the worst seasons of your life, CELEBRATE the lessons you learned, the ways you have grown, and the potency of your relationship with God. See, I have come to know that God does not just give his hardest battles to his greatest soldiers, but he gives his hardest battles to the ones he is ready to promote, heal, unveil, and send out for his purpose.

Welcome to the Blog!

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You can expect Blogs on any and all of these topics. God Bless You! Let's Grow Together!

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