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Chavon is a smart, enthusiastic, and kind woman, and she married her husband, Corey, in 2012. They went on to start a business together called Purpose Unwrapped, LLC. Furthermore, Chavon's love and ability to teach the Word with accuracy and power carries over into her everyday job. She is a special education teacher in the public-school system, and she works within the secondary level of education. She earned her master’s degree in Special Education. 


Chavon is currently working on obtaining a Doctorate in Education in Christian Leadership from Liberty University. She is a certified Leadership and Life Coach. God has lead her to the area of leadership, and her passion is empowering and equipping Millennial Women in Leadership. 


She is a woman who loves God, and through worship, the Word, and prayer she builds her relationship with God continually. ​She has spoken at youth events, women's events, and church events. Chavon has published 4 books that are available on Amazon. These books are sure to empower, encourage, strengthen, and uplift every reader. 

In 2018, Chavon was nominated for ACHI nominee for Author of the year and Educator of the year, and in 2019 she was nominated for ACHI nominee for Educator of the Year and Orator of the Year! She is a volunteer leader in the Young Life Program, a Christian Fellowship Program for students, where she works. She is also a part of the mentorship program for young ladies at the school she works called Pretty Me. Finally, she hosted a book club with the high school basketball team where she works and a tutoring program in connection with her church's youth ministry.