One thing I’ve learned over the years operating as a woman in leadership is that even with one on one coaching, clients need long term support to overcome fear, walk-in purpose, and sustain momentum. In a world where being a woman in leadership can mean that you face being effective but overlooked, battling with expectations of gender roles, and the underrepresentation of women in higher-level leadership positions, it’s time to break the glass ceiling and step confidently in purpose.

Moreover, I want to see my female’s leaders walking into any rooms with confidence and mentally ready to take on any task, project, or problem because they know are an asset and add value to that room. Furthermore, I want to see my female leader’s willingness to launch into new endeavors, engage in next level implementations, and make new connections that will propel them to higher levels. 

I am now a certified Life Coach focusing on Process, Progress, and Purpose! I would like to journey with you to your next season. Let me help you set and reach goals that will change the course of your life. Focusing on all of who you are, we set goals together for your future success. 

It's time to develop a Process, make progress, and walk-in Purpose!

You Make Me Brave - Amanda Cook
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