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"They say diamonds are girl's best friend. Well, as women we have to embrace the process of becoming diamonds. In a world where pressure tries to suffocate the life out of us, we must be resilient and become!" 

We Don't Break, We Become!

This is a monthly membership designed for Christian Women in Leadership in ministry and the marketplace.
Together, this community of women will be empowered and enriched to thrive in life, leadership, ministry, and business. Whether you are a Pastor, Apostle, First Lady, Business Woman, Senior-Leadership, or a middle manager in corporate America, this is a space for you!

Dr. Chavon Anette is creating a space for women that will help to develop their leadership capacity, relational equity, and self-confidence, and then, break all barriers to their next level of success. 

Dr. Chavon Anette is a ministry and marketplace leader who is passionate about helping women rise to their next level of leadership. Both her experience and educational background allows her the beautiful opportunity to impact the lives of women young and old.


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