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Hey There!

My name is Chavon Anette, and I am the original Fire Leadership Coach. Not only am I the Fire Leadership Coach, but there are not others that I have certified who also hold this title. As the Fire Leadership Coach, I marry practical and spiritual tools to help kingdom people walk in purpose! 

What is Life Coaching?

Partnering with an expert coach training to help you journey forward despite challenges and obstacles that could interfere or interrupt you from reaching your desired goals. It is a collaborative session where the coach facilitates a transformative conversation that allows individuals to think deeply and intentionally about what they desire to accomplish. A life coach helps you with things like procrastination, fear, limiting beliefs, transitions, trauma, 

What are the Benefits of Working with Chavon Anette?


- Gain Clarity in Purpose
Get Clear about what God has called and created you to do and what that looks like in the 21st century


- Lead Confidently in Ministry and/or Marketplace
Gain new tools and confidence to shift to a limitless mentality and skills to transformatively lead and empower others 


- Develop a Plan to Execute
Create goals and receive accountability that will bring holistic transformation


- Heal From Trauma of the Past
​Confront the Trauma that is affecting your present and limiting your future and heal​

What are my Options?

Chavon Anette Offers a 3 Month Coaching Program that welcomes both Christian Men and Women although Chavon primarily works with women. 

The 3- Month or 90 Day Program is called The Fire Academy! 

Not only is this a program to receive coaching with Chavon Anette, but there is also an option to become a certified coach. 

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